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Saturday, 12 February 2011


well as you may know i have bipolar and to be quiet honest im having a rough ride at the moment have you ever felt that your hanging on by a thread well thats how i feel at the moment im hanging on cause i so dont want to crash its so hard to pull your self back from their and im scared that one day i wont be able to.i feel guilty that my family has to live with this horrible illness .....i just want to be normal whatever normal is i have my reiki master sending me reiki healing i have the most wonderful husband who keeps me safe and cares about everything which effects mums worried which is making her ill .....thrown myself into my art again so at least im trying i will never give up fighting this im a fighter not a victim i wont let this beat me if you read this and could send me healing energy i would be so grateful bb )O(

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